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Bryan Goslyn - Enteric Coated Fish Oil 1000mg

Bryan Goslyn - Enteric Coated Fish Oil 1000mg

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In the heart of Texas, where football reigns supreme and rivalries run as deep as the state's history, there was a young college quarterback named Bryan Goslyn. Known for his arm as much as his striking deep blue sea eyes, Bryan was a star on the field and a heartthrob off it.

Bryan Goslyn

He played for the Longhorns, a team revered in Texas, but not so much by the supporters of their arch-rivals, the Aggies.

It was at one of these heated games that Ava Mendez, a cheerleader for the Aggies, first saw Bryan. Despite the rivalry and the roars of the crowd, it was his eyes that caught her attention. They were like two sea blue sapphires set against the backdrop of the green field. Ava, despite the protests of her friends and the disdain of her family for the Longhorns, found herself irresistibly drawn to Bryan.

Their relationship began in secret. Ava would sneak away from her cheer practices to meet Bryan. He, in turn, would drive miles just to see her under the cover of night. Their love was a forbidden dance, hidden from the prying eyes of their respective worlds.

Ava's father, a staunch Aggies supporter and a man of traditional values, was the last to know. When he found out, his reaction was as fiery as a Texas summer. 

"That blue-eyed boy, he ain't worth a lick. When it comes to smarts, he got the short end of the stick," he told Ava, his words laced with disappointment and disapproval. 

But Ava, young and headstrong, paid no heed. She was in love with Bryan, and nothing, not even her father's words, could sway her.

Their love continued to bloom, as vibrant and wild as the bluebonnets that graced the Texas fields. But with young love came youthful indiscretion. One night, Bryan and Ava returned from a date well past curfew. Ava's parents, worried and angry, awaited their return.

The confrontation was tense. Ava's father, his patience worn thin, ordered her to her room. He wanted to have a stern talk with Bryan, man to man. But before the first harsh word could be spoken, Ava's mother intervened.

She looked at her husband with eyes that held years of wisdom and love. 

"Don't lose your cool," she said softly. "It wasn't that long ago when you yourself was just a wishful cowboy, with not much more than dreams going on. My daddy said, 'you wasn't worth a lick. When it comes to smarts you got the short end of the stick.'

But he was wrong, and sweetie, you are too. 

Ava looks at Bryan, like I still look at you."

Speaking of the deep blue sea, that’s where the fish are from that make up this here premium fish oil for Workout Heroes.  

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