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"Fit over 40" 6 Week Transformation Program

"Fit over 40" 6 Week Transformation Program

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The "Princess Bride" secret this mom in her 40's used to get her body and confidence back.  

She was in her 40’s when she felt her energy and excitement falling.  

She avoided mirrors and scales as they always left her with guilt and shame. 

… Life, 

… Family 

… Stress, 

And responsibilities… 

… had turned her body into a shape she wasn’t proud of. 

She wanted to be a good example for her kiddos. 

   To feel like she did back in her younger days. 

She tried diets and gyms but nothing seemed to work. 

Or brought results that lasted. 

She started to feel that it was too late for her. 

Then one magical day she came across a program designed for women over 40. 

She told herself, “It’s My Turn!” 

That it was time to focus on herself. 

She was ready for “me time” 

Felt the time was NOW to become her most confident, radiant self. 

To get her body back. 

She signed up and found that it wasn’t as hard as she thought it would be. 

     She didn’t have to give up her favorite foods. 

     Didn’t have to do endless hours of grueling, sucky workouts. 

 She loved that she got to have a life. 

 Could still be there for her family. 

  In fact, the journey was kinda fun. 

Started looking forward to her workouts. 

   To let off some steam and stress. 

  To get her ready to rock the day. 

   Made friends with many of her fellow ladies that were in similar boats as her. 

She discovered the "Princess Bride" secret that was a total game changer for her results. 

   A huge clue to that secret is the infamous "Battle of the Wits" scene with the iocane powder. 

Within weeks, she found her confidence growing.

Her strength and energy levels so much higher. 

Her body image and self-esteem improving. 

Clothes started feeling better.

It wasn’t long until one morning she took a look at herself in the mirror…

… and the words she said quietly were, “Wow.” 

More importantly she was showing up as the best version of herself - 

– for her family, 

– for her career, 

– for her “fun-time.” 

If that sounds cool and something you would like for yourself too… 

then this "Fit Over 40" Transformation Program is for you. 

Here's everything you get with your purchase of this "Fit over 40" 6 Week Program in Eau Claire, WI: 

    1. 6 Weeks of Personal Group Coaching at the Workout Hero Club  ($234 real world value - $39/week) 

    2. "Faster & Easier Results" Supplement Stack -- 4 Premium supplements that make it easier to burn extra fat and get toned muscles when working out and stay on track with your Meal Plan

               a.) Tuffy the Fat Slayer -- premium fat burner ($59 value) 

               b.) Angyl - the PM fat burner and sleep support ($50 value) 

               c.) Buttercup - Premium Turmeric for those that workout ($37 value) 

               d.) Ashwagandha Forever - Premium Stress Response Support ($35 value) 

    *(be sure to click on each individual supplement in this store to see their "backstories" and what they do if you're curious 😊

3. Workout Hero Club t-shirt ($39 value) 

4. "Never Skip Dessert" Custom Meal Plan - part of the Workout Hero Fundatmentals Home Study Course ($197) 

 -- which also includes, Healthy, Quick & Delicious Meals & Smoothies Recipe Pack  

6. Access to the Workout Hero app - increased accountability and bonus workouts ($99) 

Total value of all this... 


Yours now during this special "Test Pilot/Beta Testers" launch for 75% off -- 


Add to cart now as I only have enough room to bring in around 6 new members at this time. 

So claim your spot in this program before you miss out. 

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