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Tuffy the Fat Slayer

Tuffy the Fat Slayer

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Tuffy the Fat Slayer is a young woman who just wanted to live a normal life. Chosen by fate to fight for good against the evil horde of vampire-like fat cell monsters, afraid normalcy is not in the cards for her.

She is endowed with superhuman strength, agility, and healing abilities thanks to ancient mystical forces. Tuffy is also armed with an unstoppable attitude that comes from putting up with all the (bleep) the world likes to throw at strong, confident women.

Through a fortunate twist of fate, Tuffy joins forces with the powerful & brave Workout Hero to battle against the evil fat cell hordes and B.O.W.L.M. Bad Guy that wishes them harm.

Tuffy's powers are a birthright, passed down from previous Slayers when one dies.

As soon as one Slayer passes away, her powers are passed down to the next one in line as there can only ever be One. Tuffy is this current generation's chosen Fat Slayer.

She has answered the Call and embraced her role alongside the brave Workout Hero in their ongoing battle between good and evil.

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